Blood & Guts Injury Update On Santana, Bayley Snaps At Carmella

Blood Guts Santana
Source: @nodqdotcome, Twitter, Screenshot

Getting an injury in the land of wrestling is a common thing. Unfortunately, AEW has a number of talents on the shelf right now, due to this. It looks like the company may be adding one more to the list in the form of Santana.

Blood & Guts Injury Update On Santana

Santana was recently a part of the Blood & Guts match that closed AEW Dynamite. It pitted Blackpool Combat Club versus Jericho Appreciation Society.

Santana entered the match quickly and took out the Society members. Sadly, his leg buckled when he gave Daniel Garcia a Uranage.

He seemingly twisted his leg awkwardly. Therefore, he couldn’t participate in the rest of the bout.

He was first checked by doctors and then taken backstage. It seems as if he has some sort of knee/leg injury.

Blood & Guts: Does Santana Have An Injury?

The Blackpool Combat Club ended up winning the match. This happened when Claudio Castagnoli laid the Sharpshooter on “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, causing him to tap out.

Santana entered AEW in 2019 with partner Ortiz. Since then, the two have provided some incredible entertainment for fans.

As of this writing, there is no official update on Santana. WNZ will keep fans posted.

Over in the land of WWE, Bayley and Carmella are pretty good friends. This makes it that much more interesting to see the two clap back at each other on social media.

Bayley Snaps At Carmella

Bayley’s been out of action since she suffered a knee injury last year while training at the Performance Center. She hopped on to Twitter recently to offer an inspirational quote.

Blood Guts Santana

Source: @Codchrist89, Twitter, Screenshot

While her tweet got the attention of fans, it also got the attention of fellow WWE superstar, Carmella. Of course, Mella was quick to take a jab at the Role Model in no time.

With that said, Bayley would retort to Carmella’s comment. Apparently, “mom jokes” are still a thing.

These two are quite familiar with “roasting” each other on social media, and the above tweet is nothing new. From the sounds of it, seems like both former women’s champions are having a little fun with each other, at the expense of their moms.

Bayley and Mella’s History

Carmella and Bayley met at NXT. They have been quite good friends since.

The Hugger joined WWE’s development brand in 2012. Meanwhile, Mella entered the (then) gold and black brand in 2013.

They’ve had many matches on the main roster and NXT. However, any feuds the two participate in on-screen are storyline-based, only.

At the end of the day, these two are chummy. Carmella has often stated that Bayley is her best friend, and the Role Model also seems very fond of Mella as she’s stated their close friendship in the past, too.

Is the above post just a roast “tweet” or could something be brewing around a Bayley return (and possible feud)? Only time will tell.

No word exactly on when Bayley will re-enter ring action, but there was a buzz around this past WrestleMania. Mella is set to face Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s title, this Saturday at the Money in the Bank (MITB) event.