John Cena
Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

At the age of 47, and with his active film career, it’s only a matter of time before John Cena has his last WWE match. But is this coming sooner than fans anticipated?

John Cena Hints At Final WWE Match, Once Again

It seems as if he’s only just returned, so why would there be any concerns that the record 16-time WWE Champion will be wrestling his last match? That’s because the iconic wrestler just teased it, again.

The company recently released an interview with the legendary talent on its YouTube channel. He mentioned his age and how he’s been with the WWE for over 20 years.

The film star also repeated what he said during his return promo on SmackDown about how thankful he is for the fans every time he steps into the squared circle. He notes in the interview that what he said in the ring about the “last one” not being tonight but knowing that it’s soon.

That’s the second time he’s mentioned his last WWE match is on the horizon. Should fans expect this latest run with the company to be his last run with the company?

John Cena
Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

He goes on to state in the YouTube video that when superstars are involved with the WWE full-time, they are always focused on “what’s next”. He adds that for the last 2-3 years, he’s focused on “what’s now”.

No one is quite sure what Cena’s current run with the company will entail. As there is a Hollywood writer’s strike going on, he has the time to grace the WWE Universe with his presence.

However, that could come to a screeching halt once the strike is over. This means he could “quickly” wrap up a WWE storyline and return to his filmmaking projects, once again.