Was There Going To Be A Wyatt 6
source: @aewenhance, twitter, screenshot

With Windham Rotunda’s tragic passing, we are left asking a lot of questions…one being, was there going to be a Wyatt 6?

To be honest, I have not tried to dwell on these, if only because none of it matters now.

Enigmatic as he may have been, he was arguably one of the brightest creative minds most of us have ever seen…and we likely barely scratched the surface of his capabilities.

His legacy may end up being that, as good as he was in the brief time he was in WWE…what could have been.

Which is where the Wyatt 6 comes into play.

The reason this is being asked now is because a purported member of that group of 6 has spoken about things…so….we ask…

Was There Going To Be A Wyatt 6
source: @aewenhance, twitter, screenshot

Was There Going To Be A Wyatt 6?

Dutch, of The Righteous, was recently asked that question.

In case you’ve forgotten, lets rewind to right after Wyatt’s amazing return in Philadelphia.

During that drawn out reveal, we saw actual life-sized representation for each of his Funhouse creations.

Not long after, the rumblings of a new Wyatt faction, known as the Wyatt 6, began to percolate.

The expectation was that we would have gotten actual Superstars standing in for Huskus, Sister Abigail and others.

Sister Abigail was probably the easiest one. Plus, whether as Uncle Howdy or some other character, fans very much expected Bo Dallas.

Late in 2022, with the idea of a Wyatt 6 ruminating, Dutch and Vince of The Righteous popped up at an NXT taping…leading people to believe that both men had joined WWE and, given their look, might be tapped to be in the group.

Here’s where it gets…interesting.

According to Dutch, things were leaning in that direction, but nothing was confirmed (or, he’s playing coy, since whether there was going to be or not really doesn’t matter now).

He mentioned that things had been discussed and that things seemed promising…but then things stopped.

And around that same time? AEW came calling, because of course thanks to the clear WWE interest, things picked up in general for The Righteous.

Was There Going To Be A Wyatt 6
source: @ace69gamervlogs, twitter, screenshot

Now with AEW, I am sure that some of the answers provided were a little…politically motivated.

But, it seems there was some strong potential for such a faction, and it’s one more thing that we will wish we saw…but probably never will again.

Even if WWE wanted to revive Uncle Howdy and use the group to honor Bray’s legacy, I have a feeling brother Bo Dallas and others may not want to carry on without Wyatt.