White Rabbit Reveal Was Extremely Satisfying: Bray Wyatt Is Back

white rabbit reveal satisfying
Credit: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

It was a long time coming, from that first QR code until the conclusion of Extreme Rules, but I have to say that the White Rabbit reveal was extremely satisfying.

From the start, it was somewhat refreshing. It’s been a long time since WWE has had a drawn out series of teaser vignettes that got so much interest.

Of course, we know there was also a very talented writer behind the teasers.

Sure, the Edge return over the summer had some fun ones, but it didn’t take long for fans to realize it was 100% Edge.

This campaign just felt different. It reminded me of some of the dark ones we got for Undertaker when he’d come back from time off.

Or, even back in the days of Jericho (or even Taz, if you wanted).

Early on, there was definitely doubt. We had options and speculation.

Honestly, since he was the biggest and most accomplished free agent, the guesses rapidly jumped to Wyatt.

This all culminated, in terms of teasers, with one last QR code screaming “let me in”, and an actual video on the broadcast declaring the rabbit’s reveal at Extreme Rules.

Which leads me to say…

The White Rabbit Reveal Was Extremely Satisfying

white rabbit reveal satisfying

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Of course, it was a drawn out affair, and fans were not always patient.

And even the crowd, in the midst of a top notch show, let their feelings be heard.


But when it finally happened…it was extremely satisfying.

That they waited until after the main event, and indeed made fans think that was all she wrote? Even made it sweeter.

They didn’t even have him attack anyone. Just…showing up was enough.

My money is on him getting involved on RAW, but that’s Monday…

white rabbit reveal satisfying

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

There was no hiding or glossing over his absence.

WWE showed all of the Firefly Fun House characters, as an eerie rendition of “he’s got the whole world” played, sung by Bray.

All of his past was out there. We even saw the Fiend…then a dusty fun house…and a brand new mask.

And just like that, the door opened, and Bray Wyatt was back.

Even for knowing it would be him (if it was not…that could have been ugly)…it was so extremely well executed.

Nearly two years since we last saw him, and he returns with WWE in a completely different direction.

Under new creative guidance-someone who knows how creative Wyatt is, and will likely encourage that creativity.

The hits keep coming, and fans are the beneficiaries indeed.

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

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