Is Nick Aldis Sticking With WWE
source: @theanglejoey, twitter, screenshot

It has been reported that the former IMPACT star was working backstage, but is Nick Aldis sticking with WWE?

This is a surprisingly fair question, for which we may not yet have the answer.

In case you didn’t know, WWE often seems to give new producers a bit of a trial run before committing.

This also means that producers in training work alongside established producers to help make sure they work out (and to ensure they don’t make any major blunders).

Aldis has plenty of in-ring experience, but that stage of his career seems to be more in the past. As such, he has pivoted to a new opportunity within WWE.

Or has he?

Is Nick Aldis Sticking With WWE
source: @theanglejoey, twitter, screenshot

Is Nick Aldis Sticking With WWE?

In a word…maybe.

Aldis was recently asked about his current involvement backstage as a producer and how that has been for him.

The sage veteran was very positive with his response, noting that WWE have been very accommodating and welcoming throughout his learning process.

What he also revealed, however, is that as things stand today, Aldis is working with WWE as a producer under a handshake agreement.

Certainly a bit of a surprise, but it sounds like both sides wanted to test things out and see if there was a match to be had, before putting pen to paper.

WWE has had interest in Aldis before, but switching from in-ring performer to producer of matches can be a bit of a shift some just don’t adjust to or want to take on.

By his own account, Aldis seems pretty enthusiastic thus far, and it’s always interesting to see which matches he has been involved with.

Is Nick Aldis Sticking With WWE
source: @wrestlezone, twitter, screenshot

Of course, with it only a handshake agreement at the moment, if one or both sides decides this isn’t working out, we may not get to see much more of Nick Aldis the producer.

After all…he maintains he is not retired and does still want to wrestle.

But, for now, things seem to be trending in the right direction.