WWE Wants Nick Aldis, Someone Hates Dom Mysterio Angle

wwe wants nick aldis
Credit: @the_PrinXe03, twitter, screenshot

Always looking for new talent, it seems WWE want Nick Aldis. Plus, believe it or not, someone hates the current Dom Mysterio angle.

WWE Wants Nick Aldis

This should not shock anyone who knows his work, but it seems WWE wants Nick Aldis.

Per Fighful, the former NWA Champion has been on company radar for quite some time.

That has not changed…but what has changed is the availability of Nick Aldis.

Per the report, as it stands right now, Nick Aldis is currently a free agent.

That status change happened a bit ago. Ahead of the 2023 Royal Rumble, there was some buzz that Aldis could be one of the surprise entrants.

wwe wants nick aldis

source:@the_PrinXe03, twitter, screenshot

The Rumble has come and gone, and we now know that Aldis was not among the 30 Superstars in the match.

All that said, the interest from WWE seems real. Especially when he’s been wanted since as far back as possibly 2017.

Now, one thing worth noting is that a lot of that creative team is gone now. 

However, Triple H has shown a desire to improve and increase talent across the roster. Someone like Nick Aldis could fit that bill.

One other thing working in that favor-Triple H has done away with the edict from Vince McMahon to steer clear of more established independent talent.

Another wrinkle to consider? Aldis has a very talented, perhaps even more well-known other half.

Mickie James is no stranger to WWE. While she remains the current IMPACT Women’s Champion, she too is also a free agent.

Could we see James return to WWE and bring Nick with her?

Someone Hates Dom Mysterio Angle

This shouldn’t shock you, but someone hates the Dom Mysterio angle.

And, I am not talking about disliking the prison schtick or that he is still very green on the mic.

Instead, this is specifically about someone not liking anyone drawing comparisons between Dom and the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

A lot stems from Dom resurrecting the old “Eddie’s my dad” storyline from long ago.

With that brought back, many have tried to show Dom looking a lot more like Eddie than Rey.

One big thing everyone noticed, even before it was part of the storyline, is that Dom towers over his father. Just like Eddie did.

But, someone does hate the angle, and I can’t blame her. Actually, it’s at least two, and they have every right to sound off.

wwe wants nick aldis

source:@shwightsmanawa, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, those two coming out against it? Eddie’s wife Vickie Guerrero, and daughter Shaul.

You can see the social media posts here:

Now, clearly and with good reason, neither Vickie nor Shaul is happy.

Eddie was a legend, gone far too soon. Dom might end up being really good…eventually.

But beyond that? It is, as the Guerreros have said, disrespectful to do it.

Now, some of this specific animosity seems focused on those fans who drummed it up.

But considering the references we’ve been hearing and seeing on WWE television? I have to wonder, especially since both women have not worked for WWE in quite some time.

That does not mean they’d go along with it for a check. But, given it may be a touchy subject, it’s worth wondering if anyone involved bothered to respect the family and discuss it first.

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