Edge and WWE
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Edge and WWE are having trouble putting a deal together as the biggest issue seems to involve money. So, does that mean he is headed to AEW?

Edge And WWE Having Money Concerns Over New Deal

For now, Edge has wrestled his last WWE match. That took place last month at SmackDown.

After the bout, Edge spoke to the Toronto audience and admitted he likely did not have enough to make the trip again. This all came after Edge defeated Sheamus.

There have been plenty of rumors about Edge possibly joining AEW. If you recall, the promotion was actually very interested in signing Edge when they first started.

An offer was made, but Edge felt obligated to let WWE know and see what they said. Edge was returning inside the ring and he wanted to see if WWE could match, or even surpass, what AEW presented.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, he mentioned how Edge and WWE were nowhere close to a deal because of money. We do not know what Edge was making, but it had to be for a huge amount of money for only select appearances on WWE TV.

Now that Endeavor owns WWE and UFC, that could cause some changes. WWE was really not looking to hire someone since they announced the sale back in March.

Edge and WWE
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AEW does have a large amount of cash, so they technically can afford Edge. There is probably no other promotion, at least in the United States, that could say the same. 

I have a hard time seeing what value Edge brings to AEW. They already have plenty of veterans and even with multiple shows, the roster is too large.

Edge teaming again with Christian could be a selling point for “The Rated R Superstar” to join AEW.

Edge and WWE
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

So, can Edge and WWE make a deal happen or should he give AEW a try?