Sheamus Criticizes The Brawling Brutes
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Despite what seems like a decent run on WWE TV, Sheamus criticizes how the company books The Brawling Brutes.

Sheamus Criticizes How WWE Books The Brawling Brutes

For close to two years, The Brawling Brutes have been together on WWE TV. Sheamus and Ridge Holland where the first two members, with Butch joining a few months later.

Overall, the group has been fun to watch; whether heels or faces. Usually, they seem to be on the winning side, but not so much when it pertains to titles. Since working as one duo, none of the three have won gold. Sheamus came close with the Intercontinental Championship and the same can be said for the Tag Team Championship.

While speaking with the Metro, Sheamus criticizes how the group has not been able to capitalize on their popularity.

“I just don’t think they’ve really capitalized on the group,” said Sheamus. “I don’t think they’ve really let us show what we can do.” 

“This stop/start stuff is really hard when you’re trying to highlight young talent. It’s frustrating, you know?” 

“So I dunno. Maybe we’ll get an opportunity to show what we can really do as a group because a lot of those other groups who are out there now have definitely got an opportunity that we haven’t had to do some storyline stuff, some character stuff.”

Sheamus Criticizes The Brawling Brutes
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At the moment, there is talk of Butch turning on his teammates and going back to his name of Pete Dunne. He has his hands full at the moment, as is an entrant in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match on July 1 from England.

Sheamus has spent a lengthy period of time feuding with GUNTHER. Despite the hard-hitting affairs, Sheamus was unable to win the International Championship from “The Ring General.”

Holland is a former professional rugby league footballer, who suffered some injury setbacks in NXT and unfortunately was part of the spot that broke the neck of Big E.

Sheamus Criticizes The Brawling Brutes
Source: @Matt_LoneWolf1, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE did keep The Brawling Brutes around, even though the draft would have easily split them up. Perhaps, the promotion is not not pushing those three.

So, is Sheamus correct as he criticizes how WWE booked The Brawling Brutes?