Butch might turn heel
Source: @GOATGOD_1000, Twitter, Screenshot

Butch might turn heel in the near future as he goes after his stablemates, The Brawling Brutues, and he even switch back to a familiar name.

Butch Might Turn Heel And Attack Brawling Brutes

Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch are part of the WWE stable, The Brawling Brutes. Originally the group consisted of Sheamus and Holland, before Butch joined in March of last year.

Almost immediately, fans were outrage by the name, Butch. Up until that point, he was known to WWE fans as Pete Dunne.

Now, there seems to be a good possibility that Butch might turn heel. Xero News, which has broken several stores as of late, noted how the idea is for Butch to turn on Shamus and Holland. And, he would return to his previous WWE name.

Butch found great success under that name, Pete Dunne. He was unable to become the inaugural NXT United Kingdom Champion.

Although, he did eventually capture the title from Tyler Bate. That was in May 2017 and he held the title for 685 days.

At the time, he was one of the longest reigning champions in modern WWE history. Then, he dropped the NXT United Kingdom Championship to GUNTHER (then known as WALTER), who surpassed that reign with 870 days.

Besides that gold, he was eventually sent to NXT. There, he held the NXT Tag Team Championship alongside Matt Riddle and won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Team Team Classic.

Butch might turn heel
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For the most part, The Brawling Brutes are without a major storyline. They have been briefly feuding with Pretty Deadly, but nothing much has transpired.

Before that, the stable was working heavily opposite Imperium and Drew McIntyre. With Imperium and McIntyre now part of RAW, courtesy of the WWE Draft, there seems to be little for The Brawling Brutes.

Butch opposite Sheamus and Holland would be something different. Does it mean Butch gets pushed to the top? Probably, not although he might get a nice singles run out of the change.

Butch might turn heel
Source: @GOATGOD_1000, Twitter, Screenshot

So, would fans be interested as Butch might turn heel and be slightly repackaged on SmackDown?