Randy Savage
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There are plenty of Randy Savage stories out there and many of those tales are still being told. This one involves drugs and putting a drug dealer to sleep.

Wild Randy Savage – Drug Deal Gone Wrong Story

There were always questions if “Macho Man” Randy Savage was under the influence during his wrestling days. Considering the amount of energy he presented, people thinking he was on drugs is somewhat understandable.

We have heard a good amount about how Savage would act backstage. It sounds like he knew how to have fun.

On Wrestling Binge, Teddy Long went over the time Savage and Dick Slater wanted some weed in the 1990s. They were in Georgia and Long knew a dealer.

“So we drive over to this place, to the spot where we could get some weed from,” said Long. “So I see the guy, the guy sees me, he recognizes Savage because everybody watched the old TBS back then.”

“As soon as Slater got [to] the office, he hooked the guy right in the sleeper. Hooks him right in the car; I mean, he puts the shoot sleeper on him right there and they put this guy out.”

Randy Savage
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“They put him to sleep and took all of his cocaine, everything he had, and we got in the van and we left. That’s a true story.”

It is a wild story and we might have to take Long on his word. Slater passed away in 2018.

Then, Savage sadly passed away in May 2011. He suffered a heart attack while driving and crashed.

A few years later, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Although, WWE does not like mentioning Savage on the air.

Randy Savage
Source: @WWFWrestling1, Twitter, Screenshot

So, does anyone believe what Teddy Long said about Randy Savage or was it all a fib?