Teddy Hart Was Arrested
Source: @TMZ, Twitter, Screenshot

Teddy Hart was arrested recently and he was once again charged with the possession of multiple drugs out of Florida.

Teddy Hart Was Arrested For Possession Of Illegal Drugs

Teddy Hart is known for many things. He comes from a famous family, but as dealt with several issues over the years. As a result, he has found trouble inside and outside the ring.

Now, the 43 year old has trouble out of Florida. Last week, Teddy Hart was arrested by the Titusville Police Department for possession of drugs inside a vehicle. It was discovered he had ecstasy and steroids.

Hart, real name Edward Annis, was then arrested and booked on two felony charges. They are listed as possession of MDMA and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.

The traffic stop began when Hart was pulled out over around midnight. Cops said he ran a red light at a high rate of speed in a 2022 Mustang.

At the initial stop, cops smelled an “overbearing odor of burnt marijuana emanating” inside the car and noticed “an unsealed medical marijuana container with a faded label inside of the glove compartment.” Also, they found “several pieces of loose leaf marijuana shake” on one of the car’s seats.

Once the cops searched further, they found more illegal items in the car. They found a baggie of red pills and a baggie of red powder. Both tested for MDMA, which is also know as molly and ecstasy.

Teddy Hart Was Arrested
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Then, they found two small vials inside a bag. They were labeled Masteron and Testosterone Cypionate, which are anabolic steroids. Finally, another blue powder was found and it tested for MDMA as well.

After Teddy Hart was arrested, he was released from custody this past Saturday, July 15.

Being arrested is noting new for Hart. He has a bunch of charges such as possession of illegal drugs, DUI, theft, assault and a slew of others.

At one point, there were high hopes for him in pro wrestling. He is a member of the Hart family and certainly talented. He had chances in WWE’s developmental and Ring of Honor, but he was released for disciplinary reasons.

Teddy Hart Was Arrested
Source: @TMZ, Twitter, Screenshot

So, since Teddy Hart was arrested yet again, is there any chance he cleans up and makes one final wrestling run?