Why Did Randy Savage REALLY Quit the WWF?

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The reason why Randy Savage left the WWE (then WWF) is a point of contention in the wrestling universe. The sudden departure gave way to a litany of conspiracy theories. We compiled a few.


Eric Bischoff’s Theory

According to Eric Bischoff, who spoke to Randy Savage in 1994, Savage left due to the fact Vince did not want him in the wrestling ring anymore. Randy Savage switched from the wrestling ring to the commentary table at that time, which certainly adds a ring of truth to Bischoff’s claims.

Shortly after Vince decided to retire Savage from the ring, Randy decided he was not done with the wrestling businesses. Subsequently, he called Eric Bischoff and asked for a spot on his roster in WCW.

Bruce Prichard’s Story

Prichard claims Savage left the WWE for quite a different reason. He argues that Savage did not want to take serious bumps anymore, so he was looking for a veteran deal instead of the full-blown wrestling in the WWE.

The Facts

Based on the facts, it seems like Bischoff’s story rings truest. It is a fact that Savage was stuck in the commentator’s booth and it is widely known he is not too happy about it. That being said, it does not mean that the Prichard’s story is untrue. It could be a combination of both.

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