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Best Catchphrases in Pro Wrestling
Today, we look at the 10 best catchphrases in pro wrestling today. Of course, some of them will be little surprising!
WWE Wrestler Scheduled For Huge Push
A WWE wrestler is scheduled to receive a huge push with the blessings of management. Fortunately for us, it is a fan favorite.
AEW Rampage Viewer Ratings
AEW Rampage has officially beaten SmackDown in viewer ratings, this means the first wrestling defeat for WWE since 1998.
Weird Facts About WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Today, we look at weird facts about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. If you thought the billionaire was strange before, this won’t help!
WWE has an older wrestling roster
WWE knows it has an older wrestling roster and that this could potentially cause problems in the future. But should the brand act now?
The Young Bucks pushed to sign Bobby Fish
The Young Bucks allegedly pushed for Bobby Fish to be signed by AEW. And not it has officially happened and we could not be happier.
Dominik Mysterio has no interest in wrestling his father Rey
Dominik Mysterio recently revealed that he has no interest in wrestling his father Rey. Of course, this is a match fans would love to see.
Big Match For Bryan Danielson at AEW Rampage
Bryan Danielson is scheduled for a huge match this Friday, ahead of AEW Rampage. This announcement was made yesterday.
Tony Khan's Father AEW
Tony Khan’s father seemed to have his reservations about AEW, as he believed it was a bad investment. However, Tony proved him wrong.
Tony Khan warns WWE ahead of Rampage SmackDown Battle
AEW boss Tony Khan has sent a warning to WWE over the upcoming battle between Rampage and SmackDown. We are so here for it!