Tony Khan Discusses Mercedes Mone
source:@MILANO_MOBBBB, twitter, screenshot

Sunday was AEW’s biggest show to date, and with one specific special guest in the crowd, Tony Khan discusses Mercedes Mone.

Mone, the former Sasha Banks in WWE, was shown in the crowd taking in Sunday’s big show from Wembley.

Ever since she officially departed WWE, there have been plenty of rumors about where she would land…and when she would land in AEW.

Of course, since leaving WWE, a lot has changed. At one point, many expected that with Triple H taking over creative control, that Banks would return.

Thus far, she has not.

She has spent time with NJPW, and is currently on the mend following an injury during her last New Japan match with AEW’s Willow Nightingale.

With her free time, she decided to take in All In on Sunday, and given who she is and what she’s done, she did not go unnoticed.

Including by the head man in charge of AEW.

Tony Khan Discusses Mercedes Mone
source:@MILANO_MOBBBB, twitter, screenshot

Tony Khan Discusses Mercedes Mone

After the show, Khan talked about what Mone being in the crowd meant, and if there’s something more to it.

If he knew anything, he was being coy.

Khan acknowledged that she is a desired talent, but also knew that she wasn’t 100% healthy at the moment.

To me, that may indicate that some conversations between AEW and Mone had taken place about her availability for the big show.

The man running AEW called out Mona’s last match being against an AEW talent (Willow) and that he’s always looking to bring in more and better talents.

For now, this is just something to watch, but it seems like there is just too much interest from both sides for something to not happen.

Mercedes has plenty of former WWE friends in and around the company too, so if she’s going to make a decision, she will have plenty of feedback to listen to.

Tony Khan Discusses Mercedes Mone
source: @skwrestling_, twitter, screenshot

Or, WWE might see the response and decide they don’t want to lose a significant talent to the competition.