Plans For Mercedes Mone's Return
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Who knows when, who knows where, but there are reportedly plans for Mercedes Mone’s return.

Mone, the former WWE Superstar Sasha Banks, has taken her talents to Japan.

New Japan Pro Wrestling, specifically.

While her highly anticipated debut certainly generated news, as has some of her NJPW run…we could arguably say things have not quite gone as planned.

Yes, she has won gold…but she doesn’t hold it now.

In fact, she was reportedly expected to be the first holder of the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship…but then plans got derailed.

Specifically, in a match against Willow Nightengale, Mercedes Mone was supposed to become the 1st ever champion.

Plans For Mercedes Mone's Return
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

However, the match did not go to plan. Mone suffered an undisclosed injury in the middle of the match, leading to a change of plans, and a different first champion.

Willow didn’t hold the gold for too long, with Giulia from Stardom now holding the championship prize.

Which brings us to…

Report : Plans For Mercedes Mone’s Return

Once again, we do not know when or where she will return. If there is a timetable for her return, it is being a closely held secret.

Could she show up at Wembley for AEW’s big show? I mean, that would be a good reason to lay low…but who knows.

All that said, the Wrestling Observer indicates there are plans in place for whenever she does come back.

Specifically, per the Observer, whenever she is able to return, the expectation is that Mercedes will challenge Giulia for the Strong title that was earmarked for the former WWE champion.

That may not be too shocking in the grand scheme of things, but it does make sense.

Plans For Mercedes Mone's Return
source: @hbowrestling, twitter, screenshot

Mone couldn’t win the gold as initially planned, so once she is able to get back into the ring, having her challenge for the title is a logical next step.