1 More : Mercedes Mone Suffers Stunning Injury

Mone Suffers Stunning Injury
Source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

It has not been a good time for talented female stars, as now Mercedes Mone suffers stunning injury.

This time around, Mone appears to have suffered this stunning injury during an awkward top rope spot over the weekend.

Mercedes Mone and Willow Nightingale met in the finals of the NJPW women’s tournament to crown a new NJPW Strong Women’s Champion.

During the sequence of events, Mone falls from the top rope and injures a part of her leg, apparently.

Some are suspecting it is a broken ankle. Others are fearing that it could be a major knee injury.

Mone Suffers Stunning Injury
Source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

What is certain at this point is that Mone suffered a stunning injury in a major match, and she had to be carried out from the ring.

1 More : Mercedes Mone Suffers Stunning Injury

While we don’t yet know the severity or extent of the injury, or how much time she may miss, Mercedes Mone took to social media to confirm things a bit.

We may never know if the match ending was altered due to the injury, but based on how things went, it seems likely.

Fans who watched the final pin had noted that the ending seemed awkward, so I am willing to say things probably changed on the fly.

It marks for an unfortunate ending to what had been a well received evening for the NJPW women.

Mone and Nightingale were serenaded with applause before their title match even got started, to give you a sense of the excitement in the arena.

And, as was alluded to at the onset, this marks another significant injury for a major women’s star.

Liv Morgan and Dakota Kai are both on the shelf, for undetermined lengths of time.

For someone as bankable as Mercedes Mone, the timing couldn’t be much worse.

Mone Suffers Stunning Injury
Source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Since leaving WWE, she has forged her own path. Working with NJPW has gone well for her, and there had been plenty of talk that she would eventually show up in AEW.

Had she been healthy and available, perhaps she would have shown up in London for AEW’s big show?

Now, thanks to whatever she’s dealing with, any plans for her immediate future will be on hold.

Wishing yet another female talent a speedy recovery.

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