Report : Triple H Off Of WWE Board

Triple H Off Of WWE Board
Credit: @tripleh, twitter, screenshot

With the merger nearly done, a report has emerged that we will see Triple H off of WWE Board of Directors.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley, otherwise known as Jean Paul Levesque, has been on the WWE Board of Directors for some time.

However, as WWE goes through a historic sale and merger with UFC, the two companies will collectively form TKO.

And, with the new union and new company comes…a new board.

It will be a board without the King of Kings.

While that does sound somewhat ominous, especially considering we’ve seen Hunter in exile before…things may not be so bad.

Report : Triple H Off Of WWE Board

Triple H Off Of WWE Board
source: @tripleh, twitter, screenshot

To the surprise of no one…we will see Vince McMahon on the board, as well as Nick Khan.

Both moves were very much expected. Hunter being off may not have been, but per Fightful, the decision shouldn’t be seen as a sign of problems coming.

It is not being positioned as a demotion. While he will not have board member duties anymore, he will have plenty of daily responsibilities.

Primarily, he will remain handling creative decisions on both RAW and SmackDown.

Considering that fans have largely seen the past twelve months under Hunter’s guidance to be some of the best work by WWE in some time, it’s no surprise his job would be safe.

It seems like after just about every premium live event lately, we are hit with reports that yet again, it was the highest grossing event.

The same goes for RAW and SmackDown shows, as we see consistent record gates.

Triple H Off Of WWE Board
source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

These are not accidental, and when business is good…you don’t make changes.

If anything, I have to think that while the removal might sting, it also allows the former champion to focus on the current generation of WWE Superstars.

Now, if we can only have his father in law involved a bit less…

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