Could Mercedes Mone Make Quick Return?
source: @dainbramager, twitter, screenshot

Mercedes Mone has been a huge get for NJPW but she suffered what looked like a nasty injury but could she make a quicker return than originally expected?

The former Sasha Banks made news in 2022 for walking out of WWE. After a tempestuous time with the company, it was clear things would not work out. Once her contract had run its course, it was a matter of time before Mone was linked to, and showed up in, NJPW.

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That happened earlier this year, and she made a nearly instant impact. Not long after her debut, Mone became the NJPW Women’s Champion, a title she held for a short stretch.

Eventually, she was one of two talents lined up to earn the first-ever NJPW Strong Women’s Championship. During that title match, however, Mercedes Mone took an awkward tumble and it looked grim.

Will Mercedes Mone be back in NJPW ring soon?

At the time, it seemed like Mercedes Mone could not possibly make a quick return. Looking at it, one would have guessed a broken ankle, torn ligaments, or maybe worse.

Now, we’ve got some interesting news from Fightful, and there is reason for optimism. As may have been confirmed before, Mone was indeed expected to defeat Willow Nightingale during the title match.

That Strong title was, as it turns out, created with Mercedes Mone in mind. It was the veteran who called an audible late in the match, knowing she was injured.

Now, per Fightful, her injury might not be as bad as she or anyone else initially feared. It’s entirely possible that the gruesome-looking injury ends up “only” being a severely sprained ankle.

If that is the case, then Mercedes Mone could be back in action a lot sooner than we might have thought last week.

This also opens up the chance that Mone might finally be confirmed as All Elite…but that remains to be seen.