Robert Roode
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Robert Roode has been off WWE TV for 16 months and now it seems he understands that his in-ring career is over. While sad, did WWE find another role for him?

Robert Roode WWE In-Ring Career Likely Over, New Role

When Robert Roode joined WWE, he had the skills to be a main event wrestler. The biggest problem was his age as pro wrestling is not designed for many people.

He signed with WWE around 2016 and was already 40. When WWE is looking at the future of the business, they want someone young who they can promote for the next two decades.

He found success in NXT, winning the World Championship before departing for the main roster. Roode worked some decent angles and earned gold along the way.

He was the 24/7 Champion, held tag gold on RAW and SmackDown and was also United States Champion. Not a bad list of accomplishments to complete in a short time.

His last wrestling match for WWE goes back to June 25, 2022. During that live event from Texas, he lost to Omos in what was likely a squash.

Robert Roode
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During this time, he frequently teamed with Dolph Ziggler. They both took part in pre-WrestleMania 38 Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which aired on the April 1, 2022 edition of SmackDown.

Since then, Roode has been off TV as he underwent at least one surgery on his neck. At 47 years old, his time completing inside the ring is likely over.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Roode is being tested as a road agent. He was there for SummerSlam and also helped out this past week for other WWE events.

Robert Roode
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

So, should Robert Roode call it a career and focus on a backstage career with WWE?