Possibly Huge Lacey Evans Status Update
source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

It’s been a really up and down year for her, and now we have a possibly huge Lacey Evans status update.

And if you are a fan of seeing the Marine in a WWE ring…you might not like it.

It’s been quite the year for her. With a lot of time spent off of television for a variety of reasons, earlier in the year we got some Evans reboot vignettes.

Sending the Marine back to boot camp, back to basics, bringing her back to us with a bit of a drill sergeant flair…it was an idea.

Unfortunately for her, the idea didn’t really stick, and it got her plenty of heat with a WWE Hall of Famer who, though never a Marine, had used the same gimmick previously.

And just as fast as Evans the drill sergeant was back…she was gone.

Was she off television for health or personal reasons?

Or is something else brewing?

Possibly Huge Lacey Evans Status Update
source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

Possibly Huge Lacey Evans Status Update

So, Fightful and Wrestling Inc, among others, caught Evans’s Instagram activity (sorry, I am not on the ‘gram).

And, based on what she posted, it would seem her time with WWE is effectively up.

Her profile now notes she is the person formerly known as WWE Superstar Lacey Evans.

The messages include references to midnight, and included a new name to call her by : Macey Estrella.

According to Fightful, they’ve reached out to WWE for confirmation of Evans’s status, but thus far no response on if the contract has expired, or if the company has released her.

On one hand, it would be somewhat surprising if her contract expired, just because of how much time she had missed-unless WWE opted to not tack on time due to when Evans was out of action.

But, on the other hand, whether she had her contract expire or was released, if true, it would end a run within the company that had a lot of promise and wound up a big bust.

Possibly Huge Lacey Evans Status Update
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

The Sassy Southern Belle was fine enough in NXT, though perhaps she was brought up too fast.

Thrown into the mix with Charlotte and Ric Flair, things were downhill from there.

The company never seemed to find a gimmick they’d stick with for her. Now, they may not have to.

And…fans are visibly…not upset.