Tony Khan Goes On Profane Rant, Change To Lacey Evans Character

Tony Khan Profane Rant
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW boss Tony Khan went on a profane rant when explaining how he won the Friday night war. Also, more changes are coming for Lacey Evans

Tony Khan Goes On Profane Rant

When AEW and WWE first went to battle, everyone was watching TV. Also, they were paying attention to the ratings and key-demographic.

For the most part, AEW did very well for a new company. On most nights, Dynamite topped NXT. RAW and SmackDown put up a bigger challenge.

In the end, many assumed AEW won the battle against NXT as they switched to Tuesdays. Now, Tony Khan is feeling confident they won on Fridays as well.

During the Double Or Nothing media scrum, Khan went on a profanity filled rant about ratings and other topics. Present was CM Punk, who Khan credited to their success.

Tony Khan Profane Rant About Winning Fridays

“We just did a record pay-per-view buy,” said Khan. “Every pay-per-view, he’s done a four pay-per-view cycle now, every one of them was the record.” 

“Whether it was All Out, where he was huge part of the draw with Darby, his debut was a huge thing with the First Dance, the biggest Rampage draw in the history of that show.”

“The matches, he carried the Friday Night War, which, by the way, is a matter of record in f— court in the state of California that we won the Friday Night War. Just ask Jerry McDevitt because he —  wrote it.” 

“This guy won it, vs Matt Sydal, who is a great wrestler. He had another goddamn great match on Friday night.”

“This F— guy did the Friday Night War, he did the First Dance, he’s done the record Double or Nothing. He did the record All Out in his debut.” 

“He was a big part of the record Full Gear, a great match with Eddie Kingston. He’s wrestled a bunch of young guys and veterans in-between there.” 

“Will Hobbs, Daniel Garcia, then he showed up and did the biggest program in terms of everything, TV, box office, ever with MJF. Then he did the goddamn main event here.” 

“He’s the biggest part of financial success in the history of this company.”

We have seen Tony passionate before, but not like that. On the downside, CM Punk will require surgery and AEW needs an intern champion.

Sometimes, even the best plans take a detour.

Change To Lacey Evans Character

Tony Khan Profane Rant

Source: @BeautyWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

Lacey Evans has always ben given a decent push by WWE. She took the past twelve moths off to take care of her second child.

Upon returning, she dropped the heel gimmick. Instead of playing a southern bell, she turned face and WWE promoted her past in the military.

According to PW Insider, WWE has changed plans again. Evans is back on SmackDown and the plan is for her to use the heel gimmick.

It really makes no sense. Her background is the perfect story of role model.