Major Kevin Owens Plans, Lacey Evans Return Called Chaotic

Major Kevin Owens Plans
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With Triple H having so much power, there are major Kevin Owens plans. And, Lacey Evans’s WWE return was anything but smooth.

Major Kevin Owens Plans

The WWE has changed dramatically in just a matter of weeks. That can be attributed to Vince McMahon’s sudden retirement from WWE over hush money deals involving sexual relations.

After the news broke, things starting changing dramatically starting at the top. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were both named interim CEOs of WWE.

Also, Triple H has taken over all of creative. Many believed Vince’s vision for WWE was outdated and already that is changing. 

Over the past week, WWE saw returns in Bayley, Iyo Sky, Dakota Kia, Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Even superstars that are rarely pushed, like Tommaso Ciampa, are getting some decent TV time.

In all likelihood, Triple H will continue to bring back released superstars and he still has talent in NXT. WWE seems to be headed towards a major shakeup.

Since taking over, a major star and one of Triple H’s picks for the future of WWE has not appeared. That person is none other than Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens Seen As A Triple H Guy

Sean Sapp noted how WWE has big plans for Owens moving forward. Remembers, Owens’ only Universal Championship reign happened because Triple got involved.

“This left many wondering where Owens was and what was going on with him,” said Sapp. “With repeated references over the years of Owens being a ‘Triple H guy,’ fans expected him to be heavily featured on the program.”

“We’ve not heard of an injury or anything of the like. Instead, we’re told that creative is being cooked up for him for plans moving forward.”

Since Owens dropped the title, he has been featured in many important storylines. Although, he never got back atop the mountain.

He did have an amazing start to the year. He was selected to have Steve Austin be the guest on the KO to conclude night one of WrestleMania 38.

Quickly, the segment turned into an impromptu no disqualification match. Austin won, but the memory is likely the greatest moment in Owens’ career.

Lacey Evans Return Called Chaotic

Major Kevin Owens Plans

Source: @WrestlingSheet, Twitter, Screenshot

Lacey Evans took about a year off from WWE as she was expecting her second child. Now, she is back with WWE and already switching from face to heel.

She returned as a face, but recently went back to her heel ways.

Sean Sapp noted that WWE has no direction for Evans at the moment. She was a personal favorite of Vince, but times have changed.

“Those we spoke to said that Evans was a personal favorite of Vince McMahon,” said Sapp. “He was very hands on and worked directly with Evans as she came to RAW.” 

“However, we were told that her return this year was ‘chaotic and directionless,’ as played out on TV.” 

Evans was supposed to wrestle on SmackDown this week, but was pulled last minute.

Honestly, Evans should have always been a face. She served the United States and is mother too, so the babyface angle is already there.

Those two factors scream face and not heel. Despite being somewhat green, with the right direction and time, Evans can easily be champion.

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