Lesnar Almost Beat Up Eddie
source: @wweruthlessera, twitter, screenshot

We’ve heard plenty of stories of near fights in wrestling, and now we can talk about the time Brock Lesnar almost beat up Eddie Guerrero.

Since Lesnar doesn’t do a whole lot of talking, and Eddie has long since left us, this tale comes from someone close enough to things.

Chavo Guerrero recently sat down to discuss his experiences in and around the ring, and this whopper of a tale came out.

Lesnar is clearly a legitimate tough guy. He has serious combat sports credentials, being a dominant force in both amateur wrestling and UFC.

So while he works to the script in WWE, sometimes the lines get blurred, and now we will talk about when…

Lesnar Almost Beat Up Eddie
source: @wweruthlessera, twitter, screenshot

Brock Lesnar Almost Beat Up Eddie Guerrero

Chavo sat down with Bobby Fish on The Undisputed Podcast, and things got interesting.

According to Chavo, his uncle Eddie worked a match with Brock Lesnar, prior to the title bout between the two at No Way Out.

Lesnar worked stiff with Eddie, and the late Hall of Famer took exception to that after the match.

Latino Heat felt Lesnar had been too stiff, and the two got into it in the backstage area.

As Chavo put it, he was expecting he was going to have to go into the locker room and help his uncle fight The Beast Incarnate.

Fortunately, this is about how it almost happened, so things settled down.

Still, there was a world title bout coming up, and as Chavo says, Uncle Eddie thought the match was going to be a legit fight, with no chance of Lesnar actually putting him over.

Except, The Beast actually did work a good bout, and Guerrero left the PPV as world champion.

Lesnar Almost Beat Up Eddie
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

To me, it is an early example of just how good Lesnar is as a professional wrestler. While so many slammed him for his part-time schedule, he’s never been against putting people over…and he can really put people over!