Eddie Guerrero
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Chavo Guerrero recently had an interview, where he talks about a number of things from his AEW run to working on Young Rock, and his uncle Eddie. More on this story, below.

Eddie Guerrero Loved Wrestling But Hated The Travel

During his interview on Chris Van Vliet’s INSIGHT, Chavo reveals some interesting insight into his uncle Eddie and wrestling. He starts off by noting that Guerrero had a great mind for the business.

With that said, Chavo notes that he loved his family a lot and didn’t want to be on the road, prior to his passing. He states about six months before his uncle died, he came to him and said, “I don’t want to be here anymore”.

When Chavo asked what he meant, Eddie said that he didn’t want to wrestle any longer. Chavo states that he encouraged his uncle to drop out and do “something else”.

The former WWE star notes that Eddie got upset and asked him “what else” could he do? His uncle would go on to say that “this” is what “we do”, and “we wrestle”.

Eddie Guerrero
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Chavo states in the interview that he replied back to his uncle saying “it doesn’t matter” and that “family is more important”. He reveals that is why he left the WWE.

Chavo had kids that were 11 and eight years old at the time. He didn’t want them growing up without their father around.

Chavo notes that he had already been on the road for about two decades at that point. He didn’t want to break up his family through divorce because of wrestling and the toll travel takes.

Eddie Guerrero
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Chavo states that everything “you” work hard for (in wrestling) and you lose it. He didn’t want that, which is why he left the WWE.

He also notes that his kids don’t remember him being gone all that much. This is because he left when he did.