Is A Huge Change Coming For The Judgement Day?

Is A Huge Change Coming For The Judgement Day
Credit: @kyle_bueche, twitter, screenshot

We’ve seen teases of it, but is a huge change coming for the Judgement Day?

And, if so…will it be the big change we all thought? Or is WWE about to swerve us once again?

For months now, we’ve seen hints at some tension between members of the popular heel faction.

Those tensions rose when Finn Balor challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Damien Priest became Senor Money In The Bank.

While the group have constantly reassured one another that they are on the same page, the cracks remain hard to ignore.

There is also a new wrinkle, as WWE finally appear to be moving forward with plans to add JD McDonagh to the group.

Still, there remains that undeniable tension, which leads us to ask…

Is A Huge Change Coming For The Judgement Day
source:@kyle_bueche, twitter, screenshot

Is A Huge Change Coming For The Judgement Day?

Looking at things from where I sit, my best guess was the following scenario.

Priest, Ripley and Dom reluctantly accept McDonagh, who is more linked to Balor.

Balor and Priest finally have their drama boil over, the group fractures and everyone picks a side.

Priest, Ripley and Dom preserve the Judgement Day, while Balor and the Irish Ace work together.

Makes sense, right?

Well, according to the Wrestling Observer…that may not be what happens.

Instead, there is a belief that we will see Damien Priest leaving the group, with McDonagh taking his place.

I don’t know that I would call that a fair or even trade, but that may just be what is coming for us.

Priest on his own would be intriguing. He has had prior face runs before, so it isn’t unprecedented.

Source: @dropthebelt, twitter, screenshot

Still, having him become world champion while leading the group seemed to be a smart move that would further position them as the dominant group left standing.

Now I have to wonder if Balor somehow wins the title, only for Priest to cash in and in the process, breaking the group.

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