Alicia Fox Upset Over “Miscommunication” With WWE

Former WWE Divas Champion, Alicia Fox recently talks about her WWE exit and how it was managed.

Alicia Fox
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Former WWE Divas Champion, Alicia Fox recently talks about her WWE exit and how it was managed. More on this, below.

Alicia Fox Laments Over Miscommunication Around Exit

The WWE veteran was with the company for over 10 years but hadn’t been featured prominently before her exit. She was quietly released from the promotion in April of this year.

Still, she received no message of support when she left. Chatting with Ring The Belle, the female star notes how she felt after getting zero acknowledgment from the WWE during her departure, despite her long-term tenure.

Fox states that she thought that possibly on her release date they would have given her some sort of “farewell message”. However, she got nothing.

Alicia Fox
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Alicia reveals that she felt bad. She added she also felt “sad” for every “miscommunication”.

Her WWE History

She began wrestling for the WWE in 2006 and spent one year in Ohio Valley Wrestling and one year in Florida Championship Wrestling. She hit the main roster in 2008, debuting on SmackDown during a backstage segment with Vicky Guerrero as a wedding planner.

In 2010, she had a 56-day run as WWE Divas Champion, winning the title during a fatal four-way match. She snagged the three-count on Maryse and became the only African American star to hold that title.

By SummerSlam that year, she dropped the championship to Melina. She remained active on the roster, but an incident in February 2019 where she showed up at a live event intoxicated slowed her career down with the company.

Alicia Fox
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Arn Anderson, the producer of the match, was fired and blamed for allowing Fox to perform in her condition. She wrestled her two last matches as an active member of the WWE roster in May 2019 on Main Event.

The wrestling veteran made her first post-WWE wrestling appearance this past July. She recently took part in Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling event, Summer of Champions.