Superstar's Popularity Caused Big Change
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and recently a Superstar’s popularity caused big change to creative plans.

Throughout her career, Vega has often been seen but not predominantly a top of card in-ring performer.

However, in 2023 she definitely got a chance to shine, and she’s taken advantage of it.

She saw herself get a massive push earlier in the year, which culminated in a title match against Rhea Ripley at Backlash in Puerto Rico.

According to Fightful, what we saw happen was not what was initially expected or planned.

Superstar’s Popularity Caused Big Change

We can debate if she got over on her own, or what part her role in the reformed Latino World Order played in that, but regardless, she was on a hot streak earlier this year.

Superstar's Popularity Caused Big Change
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

According to Fightful, she was on such a run that WWE actually had to adjust their creative plans for Vega.

Initially, when it was decided that Vega would challenge Ripley for the title in Zelina’s home country, things were not going to go well for the challenger.

Like, at all.

Per the report, the initial plans called for Ripley to make quick work of Zelina Vega, squashing her in front of her home crowd.

That would not have made fans happy…and knowing how hot that crowd was, the reaction to a short squash would have been something to see.

As we know, however, plans changed.

Someone in the creative team made the decision, based on Vega’s reception, to give her a competitive match in front of the Puerto Rican fans.

Per the report, Rhea Ripley was perfectly on board with the decision, and the resulting match was one of the better ones of the entire show.

Superstar's Popularity Caused Big Change
source: @zelinavegawwe, twitter, screenshot

Whether that change will see more and better opportunities for the LWO Superstar in the future remains to be seen.