The Rock
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People think The Rock will confront Grayson Waller at SummerSlam following his latest antics on SmackDown. So, has WWE openly discussed this possibility?

Will The Rock Make A Surprise Appearance At SummerSlam?

After recovering from injury, WWE has begun booking Grayson Waller in matches on the main roster. Clearly, they see big things for the young man.

I mean, his main roster debut was a loss to Edge on SmackDown from Madison Square Garden. Since then, Waller has been working more matches. An interesting spot keeps seeing Waller imitate The Rock.

With SummerSlam less than a week away, there are questions if The Rock will got involved with Waller.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about the possibility of “The Great One” getting a bit physical.

“I asked if there’s gonna be somebody else, and they said ‘I don’t know, maybe,’’’ said Meltzer. “So, who knows?”

“I mean, he could do it. I don’t know if Dwayne Johnson will come back. But if he’s going to do it for something, it’s gonna be for 50,000 fans in Detroit, which is this show.”

The Rock
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“I don’t know what he’s doing again. I know there’s a strike on and everything, but he’s always doing something.”

WWE wanted him to work WrestleMania 39 opposite Roman Reigns. There was plenty of talk, but it never worked. Since then, there has been little word about returning to WWE.

The Rock lasted appeared on WWE TV back in the summer of 2019. He and Becky Lynch made Baron Corbin look like a fool on that evening. 

When it comes to getting The Rock on WWE programing, Hollywood is always the problem. Either The Rock is too busy or there are stipulations in the contract that forbid him from wrestling out of fear he will be injured. Maybe, the current strike in Hollywood will change that.

The Rock
Source: @ProfFiras, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will there be a major surprise at Saturday’s SummerSlam from Detroit?