Becky Lynch Post-Weaning Depression
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For the first time, Becky Lynch goes over her battle with post-weaning depression and how one particular WWE name helped during a dark time in her life.

Becky Lynch About Post-Weaning Depression Battle

There were questions if Becky Lynch would return to WWE after giving birth in December 2022. The year prior, Lynch was atop the WWE.

She made history at WrestleMania 35 in two ways. First, she took part in the first ever WrestleMania main event to feature women. Then, she left with gold from RAW and SmackDown.

For over a year, Lynch held the RAW Women’s Championship. She only vacated the belt because of her pregnancy.

On After the Bell, Becky Lynch went over her post-weaning depression battle. 

“And then it kind of got really, really dark for a few months and I was in a really bad spot,” said Lynch. “It was kind of one of those things where you’re trying to pull yourself out of it.” 

“Because you know mentally, ‘God, I’ve got a great life. I’ve got a great husband. I’ve got a great baby, and I’m doing this thing at the highest level that I love.’ But no reasoning with yourself was able to overcome that level of depression.”

Becky Lynch Post-Weaning Depression
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“I didn’t know you could get post-weaning depression. And [I was] not realizing that this is actually a common thing that happens and there are ways you can treat it.” 

“And once you figure out the cause of all of that, then you’re off to the races and then you’re back and then you can appreciate everything. But yeah, for a few months there, it was rough.”

“The Man” credited another WWE mother for recognizing she was struggling. She did not name the person, but she used the tips provided to get over that scary time.

Currently, Lynch is working a program opposite Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark. All three will be part of Money in the Bank from England on July 1.

Her husband, Seth Rollins, will also be on the card. Rollins his defends his newly won World Heavyweight Championship against Dominik Mysterio.

Becky Lynch Post-Weaning Depression
Source: @SASportWWE, Twitter, Screenshot

So, thankfully Lynch is doing better after dealing with post-weaning depression.