The Rock May Miss WrestleMania 39, D-Von Dudley Leaves WWE

The Rock WrestleMania 39
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Fans wanted The Rock for WrestleMania 39, but seems that will not happen. And, D-Von Dudley is no longer with WWE.

The Rock May Miss WrestleMania 39

When WWE announced they were bringing WrestleMania 39 to California, many hoped The Rock would wrestle. WWE had the same mindset as they wanted The Rock against Reigns to close WrestleMania.

Up until a few ago, that seemed like the plan. Then, WWE learned the match likely will not happen according the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

They noted how The Rock needs more to get in shape inside the ring. But, he is keeping the door open for a match down the line.

WWE always had a backup plan and it seems they will use it. The most obvious choice is now Cody Rhodes to challenge Reigns.

The Rock has plenty of projects going on and the XFL is returning February 18. Basically, The Rock has no time to get into shape for a wrestling match.

Without The Rock, it is a major hit for WWE. Still, John Cena is rumored to wrestle and there is talk Steve Austin will do the same.

D-Von Dudley Leaves WWE

The Rock WrestleMania 39

Source: @WRESTLEZONEcom, Twitter, Screenshot

When it comes to tag teams, there are a few that fans will never forget. And, that includes the Dudley Boyz.

They have held gold everywhere including WWE, ECW, WCW, NWA, TNA and IWGP. For that reason alone, many call them the greatest tag team in the history of pro wrestling.

By 2005, they departed WWE. The creative team said they had nothing left for them and they were let go.

After close to a decade in Impact Wresting, they returned to WWE. Unlike their first, they were mostly on the losing end of matches.

They lasted a year and instead opted out of their contracts. They both continued to wrestle, but not for long.

D-Von Dudley returned because of his health. Although, he stuck around WWE as a producer.

Now, he is no longer apart of WWE. Based on his tweet, there is no bad blood.

Bubba Ray continues to wrestle, and yes, he also goes by Bully Ray. He returned to Impact Wrestling last year, but was unsuccessful in his recent world championship match.

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