Will Brandi Rhodes Wrestle Again
source: @Wrestletalk_tv, twitter, screenshot

Ever since her husband joined WWE, many have wondered, will Brandi Rhodes wrestle again?

Right, wrong or otherwise, plenty figured that when Cody Rhodes re-joined WWE, his wife would sign on the dotted line too.

Package deal, if you will.

Of course, Cody and Brandi are not the only husband and wife pairing, where fans WANT the other half to show up…and for one reason or another, they have not.

Looking at you, Matt Cardona

But, this one is all about Brandi.

While in AEW, she was in the ring and did get involved, though she was not exactly a main event level performer.

As the Rhodes clan became part of the WWE family once again, Brandi had some new perspective, allowing us to ask once again…

Will Brandi Rhodes Wrestle Again?

Will Brandi Rhodes Wrestle Again
source: @Wrestletalk_tv, twitter, screenshot

The mother and wife had, and likely will have, the chance, should she want to do so.

There were reports that at some point in 2022, Brandi got into the ring at the Performance Center to knock some rust off.

When reports of that in-ring activity emerged, plenty of speculation was to be found about her imminent WWE in-ring debut.

And it never came.

Heck, there’ve been a few times during Cody’s various programs where perhaps Brandi would have wanted to physically interject herself…and that never came either.

Now, we know the answer.

Cody’s better half sat down with Inside The Ropes recently and discussed her status. When asked if she was done in the ring, her answer left no doubt.

Yes. Quietly, but yes she is retired from in-ring activities.

Will Brandi Rhodes Wrestle Again
source: @thebrandirhodes, twitter, screenshot

Now, we know in wrestling to never quite say never…but the door here seems largely closed.

She is keeping busy with ventures outside the ring, including a new business.

And, she certainly seems quite happy with where she is with her life.

Of course, knowing her connections, should she ever change her mind…she shouldn’t have a hard time getting back into the ring.