Brandi Rhodes WWE Return
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A WWE return for Brandi Rhodes could be in the works. Also, NXT’s Valentina Feroz apologizes over liking a transphobic post on social media.

Brandi Rhodes – WWE Return

When Cody Rhodes left WWE, this wife, Brandi Rhodes, followed shortly after. Together, they would travel around the world as Rhodes showcased the the talent WWE failed to do.

Eventually, they would become part of the first batch of names to join AEW. Then, both left AEW and Cody rejoined WWE.

Ever since then, Cody has been pushed like the future of the company. An injury paused his push, but he returned this year and won the Royal Rumble.

Now, he will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 for WWE’s two biggest pieces of gold. Currently, Rhodes is a betting favorite to end Reigns’ historic title run.

The angle with Reigns has referenced Cody’s personal life and how it is hard to be a champion and father. In a recent interview with Out of Character, Cody acknowledged how Brandi could become involved in the angle.

“We always from a professional standpoint,” said Cody Rhodes. “I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but we always wanted to do everything separately.” 

“She very much can defend herself and can fight her own battles. Very separate in that.”

However, he disclosed that he did not rule out her getting involved in the storyline.

“So I wouldn’t rule it out, but she absolutely loves watching what I’m doing. She’s got some stuff that she’s working on secretly unrelated.” 

“And, I ain’t gonna spoil it. But, definitely never say never.”

Originally, Brandi signed with WWE in 2011 and was mostly a ring announcer. She did wrestle once for WWE.

In AEW, she was a bit more physical inside the ring. Although, once she became pregnant, her priorities had to shift.

Transphobic Remark Goes Public

Brandi Rhodes WWE Return

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Fans might not be too familiar with NXT’s Valentina Feroz, but that could change. And, not for a good reason.

Feroz liked a video on social media, where a politician was making fun of trans women. In the video, he stated, “men who want to be women are taking the place of real women.”

A fan, who was then blocked by the NXT wrestler, noticed Feroz liked the video and called her out. Quickly, she sent out a tweet apologizing for her actions.

We will have to see if WWE takes any actions over the remarks.

Feroz signed with WWE and 2019 and has worked in the NXT brand. The Brazilian martial artist is still finding her place in NXT.

She has a few wins, but is mostly on the losing side.