Why Did Grayson Waller Lose His Debut
source: @graysonwwe, twitter, screenshot

After watching things unfold on SmackDown, you might be wondering…why did Grayson Waller lose his debut?

Or, should I say, why did he lose his first main roster match?

It’s a valid question.

As has often been the case with newly promoted big NXT talent (read: those Superstars WWE has high expectations for), you generally don’t see them lose their debut match.

The self-proclaimed Aussie icon, who’s in-ring debut was delayed a bit due to injury, finally had that match on Friday.

And…it was a big one.

We knew heading into Friday, the host of the Grayson Waller Effect was having Edge on his show…but it got much bigger.

Why Did Grayson Waller Lose His Debut
source: @graysonwwe, twitter, screenshot


Why Did Grayson Waller Lose His Debut?

SmackDown was a bit of an interesting show, with one really hot opening segment taking twice as long as planned.

And the rest of the show was chopped up…mostly.

But…a talk show segment that could have been axed, was kept.

I mean, ditching the return of Edge would have been upsetting to the MSG fans, for sure.

So, the segment was not cut.

And, it was used to set up Waller’s in-ring SmackDown debut…that night…in MSG…against Edge.

Now, per the Wrestling Observer, there is a reason why he lost, or why it is seen as OK that he did.

Edge is an all-time great. Grayson held his own during the match AND had Edge acknowledge as much afterwards.

And perhaps it sets up a rematch at SummerSlam? Bigger stage, bigger first win?

So while he did not get the victory, the feeling is by losing a quality match to a Hall of Famer will elevate him all the same.

Personally, I don’t disagree with that take on things…

Why Did Grayson Waller Lose His Debut
source: @graysonwwe, twitter, screenshot

But, considering the new SmackDown Superstar is a loudmouth heel, I would have loved it a lot more had he done something completely heelish to pull off an upset.

Either way, I can’t deny that the match was a good one, and it certainly didn’t do anything to hurt Waller.

Though, this fan does have one good point…

Many were wondering why did Grayson Waller lose his debut on the WWE main roater and after hearing why, do you agree with the call?