Where In The World Is Dexter Lumis
source: @_PWChronicle, twitter, screenshot

Forget Johnny Gargano for a moment…where in the world is Dexter Lumis?

It’s a question very much worth asking, and honestly, most folks have been more focused on the former NXT Champion.

While Gargano is around and hopefully will be back on television soon enough, Dexter has also been away from our screens in recent weeks.

With so much time missed, you may have been worried that the Superstar got banged up and was out with an injury.

According to Fightful, that is not the case for the silent Superstar.


Where in the world is Dexter Lumis?

Where In The World Is Dexter Lumis
source: @_PWChronicle, twitter, screenshot

As is often the case, Lumis has been off television awaiting a new creative direction.

With SummerSlam rapidly approaching, it is clear that he has no vital role to play in the Biggest Party of the Summer.

And, thus far, there’s not a mid-card program in need of his talents.

That may change soon, but we shall see.

With the recent return of Tomasso Ciampa, many have wondered and expected that we would finally see a reunion or two.

Both members of DIY are healthy and on the same brand, for one. And, Ciampa seems to need some help, with The Miz and Bronson Reed working together again.

Then, we did see a few months back that Johnny Wrestling tease Ciampa’s return soon as the last part of the family reunion. This was right after Indi Hartwell arrived post-draft.

Where In The World Is Dexter Lumis
source: @crispywrestle, twitter, screenshot

While they are all on the same brand now, we really have not seen that formal family reunion.

Could we finally see that following SummerSlam?

Is that the creative plan we are waiting for, so that we can finally enjoy the not so verbose Lumis on our screens once again?

Considering SummerSlam is just around the corner, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we can see him back on WWE television.