When Will Ciampa Return, Tag Team Splitting Up

when will ciampa return
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

We have not seen him in a bit, so when will Tommaso Ciampa return? And, it seems one WWE tag team will be splitting up.

When Will Ciampa Return

We have not seen him since mid-September, so when will Tommaso Ciampa return to WWE television?

If you were hoping for a return very soon…then it doesn’t look good.

According to the PWInsider, we will not see Ciampa return until some time in 2023.

Ciampa, who is out recovering from a hip injury, was enjoying quite a program alongside The Miz.

Of course, things were really getting intriguing as The Miz was being stalked by Dexter Lumis.

At the same time, former partner Johnny Gargano had made his WWE return.

It was getting to be a very interesting point for Ciampa. Would he stay loyal to The Miz?

Or would his old NXT ties prove strongest?

Now, we won’t see Ciampa return until some point next year.

Whether WWE drops him back into that story line remains to be seen.

when will ciampa return

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

In terms of a timetable for a return, that remains unclear.

Looking around, recovery from a labrum tear could range from four to nine months, but that all depends on a number of factors.

Obviously, the Royal Rumble would be just after the four month mark…so could Ciampa be a surprise entrant?

Perhaps, but we haven’t seen much to go on.

That the report indicates we won’t see him until 2023 tells me either he needs closer to 9 months, or at least significantly more than the minimum 4.

Regardless, hopefully Ciampa makes a quick and full recovery.

Unfortunately, as good as he’s been, he’s also had some rotten injury luck.

Tag Team Splitting Up

We have not seen them team up in a while, and we might not again. The WWE tag team of Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler likely is splitting up.

That is per a report from PWInsider.

Roode, who has been out with an injury for a while now, is expected back soon.

Per the report, right now the expectation is for Roode to return to SmackDown.

With Dolph Ziggler working Mondays, that would effectively mean the end of the Dirty Dawgs.

In years past, losing a quality tag team would not be cause for celebration.

However, a lot has changed in recent months, and the WWE tag team scene is in a better spot.

While there is nothing official, the expectation is that Roode may be about to benefit from the new leadership.

when will ciampa return

source: @skwrestling_, twitter, screenshot

Remember, he was a top Superstar in NXT, including holding the championship.

All of that happened while Triple H was running things…and now he’s in charge of it all.

It seems possible then, that Robert Roode could be viewed as a possible top singles Superstar.

Now, that may not mean Roode is defeating Roman Reigns…but might he challenge GUNTHER?

I actually did not hate the Dawgs. In a time when so many teams had been tossed together…they had a name and shared a look.

Those old school little touches mean a lot.


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