Sgt. Slaughter Upset With Hall Of Famer
source: @femaleroom, twitter, screenshot

He’s been in the news quite a bit lately, and now Sgt. Slaughter is upset with Hall of Famer, The Undertaker.

The Phenom is on Slaughter’s list, just as is Lacey Evans, apparently.

Evans has heat for apparently “stealing” Sarge’s gimmick and finisher...even though she served and he did not.

So, what did The Undertaker do to make his fellow WWE Hall of Famer upset?

Here’s a good one…

Speaking on a recent podcast, Sgt. Slaughter commented that he was upset that he was not invited to The Undertaker’s Hall of Fame induction.

Hence why…

Sgt. Slaughter Upset With Hall Of Famer
source: @femaleroom, twitter, screenshot

Sgt. Slaughter Upset With Hall Of Famer

As the conversation went on, however, his explanation is a bit...hard to stomach.

I can understand the issues with Evans-even though she served and Slaughter did not, he worked the drill sergeant gimmick in WWE first.

But…while the two worked memorable matches together, and you could make the case for an invite…why would he be upset?

Well…according to Sgt. Slaughter, he had tape of Mark Calaway, and he shared said tape with Vince McMahon.

Meaning, Slaughter feels as though he was instrumental in getting The Undertaker discovered.

But…here’s the thing.

Unless Vince McMahon never watched a lick of WCW…there’s no way he didn’t know who Mark Calaway was.

When you are as big as The Undertaker, and you move in the ring like he did? Even working on the independent circuit, promoters talk, and they know who to watch for.

Sgt. Slaughter Upset With Hall of Famer
source: @_sgtslaughter, twitter, screenshot

And he worked in WCW right before he landed his career-defining role as The Dead Man.

Of course, Slaughter could have been one of those who said to McMahon to take a look at him…but this was not a case of Calaway never wrestling anywhere of note before someone showed someone his home-made movie.

Instead, this feels like Sarge is trying to take a lot more credit for The Undertaker joining WWE than seems to be due.

Maybe there’s some truth to what he has said…but he comes off a bit bitter.

I’d have saved that part of the commentary, and left it at “we worked together, I was hurt to not be invited to his big night”.