Rhea Ripley Will Surpass Chyna
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Rhea Ripley will surpass Chyna and all her accomplishments according to WWE Hall of Famer and founder of DX, Shawn Michaels.

Rhea Ripley Will Surpass Chyna, Claims Shawn Michaels

When looking back at pro wrestling, Chyna will always be part of history. She proved that women can compete alongside any male counterpart.

Nowadays, Rhea Ripely is getting plenty of comparisons to Chyna. And, she has a huge person supporting her in NXT General Manager, Shawn Michaels.

While speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling on WrestleBinge, Michaels claimed Rhea Ripley will surpass Chyna.

“Chyna was one of the rare and unique people,” said Michaels. “I think she changed the face of women’s wrestling in a big way.”

“So I guess I’ll always kind of be biased in respect to Chyna. I think she was unlike any others before her.”

“Rhea is absolutely one of my favorites. I knew it from the day I walked in to NXT that you could see that she was something special.” 

“I’m not surprised one bit by her success on the main roster and she’s still so very young. She’s going to surpass certainly, respectfully, anything that Chyna accomplished. But, I don’t think that will ever take away from what Joanie contributed to the WWE and this sport in general.”

Rhea Ripley Will Surpass Chyna
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Michals and Chyna have history that dates back to DX. Along with Triple H, they were the ones that formed the popular stable. DX was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

Tragically, Chyna passed away in 2016 from an accidental overdose. The toxicology report noted she several painkillers and anti-anxiety prescriptions in her system.

Ripley is having a major year. She won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match from one of the opening slots and then defeated Charlotte Flair for gold at WrestleMania 39. Also, she is a member of the Judgement Day and Dominik Mysterio’s Mami.

Rhea Ripley Will Surpass Chyna
Source: @WrestleFlowsion, Twitter, Screenshot

So, do you think Shawn Michaels is correct that Rhea Ripley will surpass Chyna before her career ends?