Jim Ross advocates Chyna being in the WWE Hall of Fame

Jim Ross recently spoke about Chyna not being in the WWE Hall of Fame. In fact, it seems that Ross shares the sentiment of many fans out there when it comes to the tragic star.

“She Is A Hall of Famer”

Jim Ross states why Chyna should be in the Hall of Fame

Chyna’s life and career was unfortunately set in tragedy. 

For years, fans have been calling for Chyna being let into the WWE Hall of Fame. But until now, she only received an induction as a member of D-Generation X. 

There has been lots of speculation regarding the reasons why she was not inducted. This ranges from her doomed relationship with Triple H to her work in the adult film industry.

Despite all these “reasons,” fans keep calling for the star to be inducted. Now, Jim Ross also supports the former wrestler to be inducted.

“She is not in the Hall of Fame because of either political issues involving Hunter and her back in the past, or her pornographic career. I don’t care about that, she’s a Hall of Famer. I saw the Naitch said the WWE is going to build a physical Hall of Fame in Orlando. If so, that’s good news, and if so, she should be in it. I had a lot of long days with her, but all the time I still maintained respect and empathy for what she had gone through in her life. Hall of Fame? No brainer to me.”

Why WWE Refuses To Induct Her

While speaking on his podcast, Ross elaborated on the reasons why the wrestler is not in the WWE Hall of Fame yet. According to him, her situation can be compared to that of Chris Benoit. 

“If I had a vote, I’d say yes. It’s the same basic concept to why Chris Benoit won’t be in the Hall of Fame because the last 48 hours of his life were tragic, I’m talking about the porn.”

Ross believes Chyna’s involvement in the adult movie industry has stopped the induction. But if that is really true, why are there other women in the Hall of Fame with similar pasts?

If I were to have a guess, I think the mucky past of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is the real reason behind the refusal. After all, the company does not want their top brass standing in a bad light.

But for how long can the company continue ignoring the real contributions Chyna made to the wrestling world? Indeed, she should have been in the Hall of Fame many years ago.

Ignoring the WWE’s petty reasons behind the decision, Chyna is more than deserving of a solo spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. In fact, her contributions made women serious contenders in the world of pro wrestling.

Chyna should be in the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later. At this point, it is worse PR for the WWE not to induct her than it would be to induct her into the WWE Hall of Fame.