Offer Shawn Michaels Wrestle
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

There has been more than one offer made for Shawn Michaels to wrestle again. Also, popular AEW wrestler Danhausen was injured at Revolution.

Offer Made For Shawn Michaels To Wrestle

When it pertains to the most gifted and entertaining wrestlers ever, Shawn Michaels will likely be in that conversation. He has done seemingly everything possible in WWE and his known as Mr. WrestleMania for his memorable performances.

Michaels has retired several times. The first time was after WrestleMania 13 due to a back injury.

Then, he returned years later and was forced into retirement after losing to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. Saudi Arabia’s money convinced him to do one more match at Crown Jewel in 2018.

Even at 57 years old, the creative mind behind NXT still gets calls for one more match. The most recent came from NXT’s Grayson Waller, but to no avail. 

Apparently, several WWE wrestlers have tried to convince him for another match. Michales told Alex McCarthy how Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and others unsuccessfully campaigned for a match. 

At one time, Michaels was the best inside the ring. His final match at Crown Jewel was forgettable as the spark was no longer there.

Michaels handling NXT seems like the right fit. There, young wrestlers are able to soak-up all the knowledge and experience of a nearly 30 year career.

Danhausen Injured

Offer Shawn Michaels Wrestle

Source: @DanhausenAD, Twitter, Screenshot

At Revolution, AEW produced their first-ever 60 Minute Iron Match. Technically, the match lasted around 65-minutes because of sudden death to break the tie between Bryan Danielson and champion MJF.

Unsurprisingly, both wrestlers walked-away with some injures. Although, nothing too serious occurred.

Although, those involved in the four-way tag team match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship were not as lucky. In the co-main event, Danhausen took the match-ending pinfall and suffered a serous injury.

The injury was not known until he made the announcement on Twitter. He revealed that he tore his pec.

Everything considered, Danhausen seemed to be in good spirits. As of now, there is no timeframe for his return, but this type of injury can sideline someone for months.

Also, it remains to be seen if he will require surgery and/or rehab. 

Danhausen’s gimmick is described as a possessed demon, with supernatural powers. Despite how ridiculous the character is, he is a big hit with fans.

He made a surprise debut last January and has mostly partnered with the Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta). Although, he also worked with current FTW Champion, Hook.

Danhausen has never been a champion in AEW, but the fans dig the gimmick. In 2023, it is tough to find a unique character that the fans generally accept.

Hopefully, Danhausen returns shortly inside the ring. Still, he can support his friends from ringside and his supernatural powers should still work.