Latest Bray Wyatt At SummerSlam Update

Latest Bray Wyatt
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The latest Bray Wyatt WWE update seems rather promising as the company prepares for SummerSlam. So, will he finally return at “The Biggest Party Of The Summer?”

Latest Bray Wyatt At SummerSlam Update

In only a matter of weeks, WWE will produce the 36th installment of SummerSlam. It is a pretty loaded card, but fans have a major question.

They want to know if Bray Wyatt will return at the show. Remember, Wyatt has not been seen for most of the year.

BWE, which has good track-record for breaking backstage stories, noted there is talk of Wyatt making an appearance. The latest Bray Wyatt update seems positive. They noted how he has been around a few times lately and basically the two sides are looking to agree on his next feud.

SummerSlam will see the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship defended. There is a possibility Wyatt could return after one of those matches.

It has been close to a year since Wyatt re-signed with WWE. There was months of hype before he returned and then defeated LA Knight at the Royal Rumble in January. That match was heavily criticized by fans and wrestlers.

Lastet Bray Wyatt
Source: @WrestlingBlog_,Twitter, Screenshot

WWE was preparing for Wyatt against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39. They started teasing the match, but it never happened. Some sort of medical issue sidelined Wyatt. As a result, both missed out on working the huge event.

After being released by WWE, in a shocking move, Wyatt never worked for another promotion. He had creative differences with Vince McMahon, but Triple H was able to bring him back.

Upon returning, Wyatt brought another persona known as Uncle Howdy. The character was believed to be portrayed by Bo Dallas. There is no word if WWE has dropped the entire Uncle Howdy angle, which was certainly bizarre.

Lastet Bray Wyatt
Source: @CrispyWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

So, with the latest Bray Wyatt update, will he finally return at SummerSlam on August 5 from Detroit, Michigan?

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