The Street Profits
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The Street Profits seemed destined for a drastic change after some backstage rumors and a conversation with Bobby Lashley. But, is that already over?

The Street Profits To See A Major Change

For several months, there has been talk of WWE making changes. In this case, it would see The Street Profits and Bianca Belair turn heel.

Now, we have seen lots of hints about Belair going heel in the near future. I would not be surprised come SummerSlam, if she is the top heel on SmackDown.

As for The Street Profits, do not look for a heel turn or for WWE to be split them up anytime soon. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE plans on keeping Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford together.

The Street Profits
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Last week, the tag team had a meeting with Bobby Lashley in a car during SmackDown. This has led to speculation about a new version of The Hurt Business. As of now, there remains no official word on how The Street Profits will interact with Lashley moving forward.

Originally, The Hurt Business did well during the ThunderDome era as the group won a bunch of gold. This included Lashley winning the WWE Championship. The group did split, but it felt premature.

The duo have spoken about the future and indicated they would be open to sticking together. It would be similar to how the New Day have never turned on each in 10 years; which is rare in pro wrestling.

Still, it would be interesting to see how they do in singles action. Ford seems like a future world champion in a few years. He has freakish athletic ability and it does not hurt being married to Belair.

The Street Profits
Source: @JustAlyxCentral, Twitter, Screenshot

So, are we about to see The Street Profits undergo a dramatic WWE change?