WWE Disappointed At NXT 2.0, The Hurt Business- Female Superstar

WWE Disappointed NXT 2.0
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When its pertains to NXT 2.0, the WWE is disappointed with the results. Also, there was talk of adding another member to The Hurt Business.

WWE Disappointed At NXT 2.0

The landscape of NXT has dramatically changed within a few months. The yellow and black version of NXT switched to the current tie dye we see today.

Basically, besides the logo, almost everything has changed in NXT. Many of the top names were released or not did re-sign when their contract was up.

Some are still finding their place like Tomasso Ciampa. He, along with others, have been getting a second look for the main roster.

Now, WrestleVotes reports WWE is not happy with the first four months of the rebrand.

Right away, WWE sees their viewership is dropping each week. And, the same goes for the key demographic.

While NXT did face recent problems from the Olympics, most weeks they did not have major competition. When it comes to Tuesday nights, NXT is the only pro wrestling show that airs.

So, there really is not an excuse for the low numbers. Unfortunately, the low figures might be because of the talent.

Before, NXT had big name despite being the smallest brand. Nowadays, WWE wants NXT to be more developmental.

And, that is why NXT does not have any major stars. Without known star power, people do not seem interested in what is happening. 

Personally, I am not a fan of NXT 2.0. The original was better, but the weekly show was always tough to get through.

The Hurt Business- Female Superstar

WWE Disappointed NXT 2.0

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The Hurt Business were not been around for a while, but they did make a statement. Bobby Lashley won his first and only WWE Championship when associated with the group.

Since then, the group disbanded and then briefly reformed. Now, only Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin are using the name.

Lashley remains busy with MVP by his side. On After The Bell podcast, MVP spoke about plans for the group.

Apparently, he wanted Bianca Belair to be a member.

“Behind the scenes, I was actually talking to Bianca Belair somewhat about potentially adding her to an organization, a little faction that I used to be part of,” said MVP. “This is because there were lots of people talking about, ‘Hey, you need a woman in the group.’” 

“And there were some discussions with Bianca Belair. But, things went a different way.”

One thing we are not sure about is when MVP was talking to Belair. Currently, she is a top babyface while The Hurt Business are heels.

Unless anything changes, The Hurt Business will remain a tag team. While the group did not last long, they made the short time work.

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