Alexa Bliss
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Most WWE fans are excited about Alexa Bliss’s pregnancy news. With that being said, they are also looking forward to seeing the former Women’s Champion back in action at some point. The star recently provided an update.

Alexa Bliss Won’t “Rush” The Process

In May, Little Miss Bliss announced that she and her husband Ryan Cabrera were expecting their first child, with a due date set for December 2023. The star was last seen in action at this year’s Royal Rumble where she faced (and lost to) WWE RAW Women’s Champion at that time, Bianca Belair.

The WWE superstar recently sat down to chat with The Messenger and states she probably won’t be able to rush back to the work after the baby is born. She says in the interview that she likely won’t “bounce back” as fast as she wants.

She does say she’ll get to working out and doing the things she should, to get where she needs to be if she has the time. Still, she says the first few months will be spent with her baby before she contemplates going back to work.

Alexa Bliss
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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

In addition, during the interview, the superstar notes that “time away” is always a “good thing”. She adds that evolving and re-inventing yourself and your character is key to longevity in the WWE.

The star notes that “it gives people time to miss you”. Plus, she states that each time she’s presented a different version of her WWE persona, it’s done well with merchandising sales and bookings.

Alexa Bliss
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In some fun news, the couple recently did a gender reveal party, and it looks like the two are having a baby girl. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple.