The Miz Throws Shade At Media Star
source: @Codchrist89, twitter, screenshot

In case you missed it, on this week’s RAW, The Miz throws shade at media star…and part-time WWE personality…Pat McAfee.

The Miz, as he does, hosted a MizTV segment on the July 17th show.

Before bringing out his guests, he took some time to take jabs at a man who, as you may recall, defeated Mike Mizanin at WrestleMania.

Now, this is certainly one way to spark an impromptu, special attraction, one-off match.

And if you were as busy and as well-compensated as McAfee is, this makes sense.

The Miz Throws Shade At Media Star
source: @Codchrist89, twitter, screenshot

WWE fans-myself included-miss the former NFL punter on commentary. His brief time with both NXT and then the main roster was a breath of fresh air.

But, given he is really that good on the mic (and, pretty talented in the ring too), his Pat McAfee show got even bigger, as did his other opportunities.

When ESPN came calling for College Game Day last year, WWE gave him their blessing and that was that.

He’s made some returns, but nothing beyond a special one-off.

We caught him at the Rumble and at WrestleMania this year. That means that McAfee has been back to take part in two of the “Big 4” premium live events.

The third for the year? SummerSlam.


The Miz Throws Shade At Media Star

After taking that shot at the former Indianapolis Colt, fans are certainly wondering if this could be building toward a confrontation in Detroit.

Such a move would make sense. Honestly, we don’t even need a match.

Imagine, if you will, that for weeks-from now until SummerSlam-The Miz comes out and takes shot after shot at the media star.

No response from McAfee, but The Miz leaves an open invite to a special episode of MizTV from Ford Field.

The Miz Throws Shade At Media Star
source: @mikethemiz, twitter, screenshot

We’ve seen similar moves before, with much bigger stars (and, even McAfee with his prior 2023 cameos).

No announcement needed, no need for weeks of hype. He shows up, pops the crowd, gets some shots in on Miz and everyone goes home happy.

Is this where things are going? Could be…we should have a better idea come RAW next week.