Jim Ross
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AEW commentator and legend, Jim Ross, recently talked about his contract with the wrestling company during his podcast. More on this story, below.

Jim Ross Talks AEW Contract

The WWE Hall of Famer (HOF) has been with AEW since 2019 and is a prominent figure within the company’s broadcast team. With that being said, health issues have seen him sidelined recently.

JR has called Rampage matches, some pay-per-view (PPV) bouts, and was on color commentary for the main event of the first-ever AEW Collision. Still, after the debut of AEW’s Saturday show, he’s had to step away from the mic to recover from ongoing health conditions.

He recently spoke on his Grilling JR podcast and offered an update. He reveals he doesn’t have a set date on when he’ll return, although he did make it clear that he would be back and will keep working.

Jim Ross
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JR goes on to say that he doesn’t have a lot of time left on his AEW agreement. Still, he states he’s not worried about that.

The commentator noted in May 2022 that he inked a contract extension with the promotion for a “year and a half”. It’s clear that the clock is ticking on his deal, but JR is more focused on getting better than anything else, which is the way it should be.

During his podcast, JR also reveals that he’s taking things “one day at a time”. He also makes it clear that he enjoys working for AEW and that it’s been “fun” being part of a “startup”.

Jim Ross
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JR says that it’s been great seeing all the young talent begin and come into their own. He adds that he’d love to be there for the rest of their journey to help guide them along the way.