Could Bayley Join Mercedes Moné
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They were friends in WWE, but both don’t work there anymore…so could Bayley join Mercedes Mone?

Mone, of course, is Mercedes Varnado’s latest in-ring persona. She is the former Sasha Banks in WWE.

While working as Banks, she held numerous WWE titles, but her final run (as one half of the women’s tag champs) ended poorly.

Banks and partner Naomi walked out during RAW, and were never seen in WWE again (so far…it’s only been a year).

Naomi ultimately landed in Impact, and Mercedes struck a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Could Bayley Join Mercedes Moné
source: @monebayleyfans, twitter, screenshot

Could Bayley Join Mercedes Mone?

While still in WWE, they made up two of the “Four Horsewomen of WWE”, along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

So, now that Mone is elsewhere…does she ever think she could join her former partner?

Or, would she want to?

Bayley was recently asked about just that, and her answer might surprise you.

Simply put, she said she felt like right now, she was too old for the style of wrestling expected of her if she went to NJPW.

I say this is a surprise answer because it isn’t like the two female wrestlers have a huge age gap.

The former Hugger is all of about three years older than Varnado.

The leader of Damage CTRL went on to add that, aside from age and style, Mercedes is “braver than I am”. Even if Bayley is funnier…

As with so many other things in professional wrestling, fans should know better…never say never, and all that.

But in this instance, I’d probably bet that we see Mercedes back in WWE, before we see Bayley show up in New Japan or anywhere else the former Sasha Banks lands in.

And, for now, the chances of Mone coming back to WWE have been relatively quiet.

Could Bayley Join Mercedes Moné
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Before she signed with New Japan, and after Triple H got his new title and gig, there had been renewed optimism that she’d be back.

In fact, at one point it had been reported that she had signed a new deal…but that turned out to be wishful thinking.