Sasha Banks Return Hits Snag, Possible ‘Mania Match For Lesnar

sasha banks return snag
source: @banks_twt, twitter, screenshot

It’s been a wild ride for The Legit Boss in 2022, but Sasha Banks’ return hits a bit of a snag. Plus, there’s talk of an interesting possible ‘Mania match for Brock Lesnar.

Sasha Banks Return Hits Snag

Ever since she and Naomi walked out, fans have been anticipating her comeback. For now, the eventual Sasha Banks return hits a snag.

Considering WarGames was in Boston on Saturday, plenty of people were expecting Banks, with or without her tag team partner, to arrive.

She did not. Fans did chant for her, but those chants were apparently censored, interestingly enough.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Sasha Banks potential return has hit a snag.

Whether that snag is money or term or some contractual language remains unclear.

It has to be a bit concerning, however.

sasha banks return snag

source: @banks_twt, twitter, screenshot

Not long after Banks and Naomi walked out, there was a big change in WWE leadership.

Once Triple H took over creative control, it was basically announced that Sasha Banks and Naomi had agreed to return.

Several months later, neither Superstar has returned yet.

While things are a bit quieter on the Naomi front, fans are screaming for Banks back in WWE.

Given the return hit a snag, those screams will continue for a bit longer.

For her part, Banks does appear to be keeping non-WWE options open.

That could be shrewd planning or an aim for leverage…or it could be an indication that things aren’t as close as we once thought.

Possible ‘Mania Match For Lesnar

While we’ve heard there was nothing yet offered to The Beast Incarnate, there are some whispers for a possible ‘Mania match for Brock Lesnar.

And when you check out the possible match, you can’t help but be intrigued.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, across numerous premium live events.

This possible match? Not with Reigns, nor anyone else from The Bloodline.

Though, it is rumored to involve a newer, hard-hitting Superstar.

Could you imagine?

That match might not go ten minutes, but both men might struggle to breathe for weeks due to the welts, bumps and bruises.

Both Superstars have a tendency to work stiff.

On top of that, we already know Gunther can go. He and Sheamus delivered one of the best matches in all of WWE this year.

sasha banks return snag

source: @jakepaul, twitter, screenshot

Putting Gunther across the ring from Lesnar? I am already shuddering from the shots not yet delivered.

Now, a lot can, and probably will, change between now and April.

For example…would we really see Gunther battle Brock Lesnar, if Gunther is still Intercontinental Champion?

On one hand, I doubt it. However, it would be one huge way to further elevate the status of those “mid-card” championships.

Besides, nothing is planned yet. At this stage, all we know is that a match between Gunther and Lesnar may have at least been discussed.

It could have also been quickly shot down. We won’t know until the card starts getting announced, and we have a couple months before that happens.

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