Did Bayley Avoid A Major Injury?

Did Bayley Avoid A Major Injury
source: @loyal2bayley, twitter, screenshot

This one we will get right to the point…but did Bayley avoid a major injury?

OK, maybe too much to the point, but let’s discuss.

Over the weekend, as WWE does, the company had house shows running.

Sunday, the crew was in Maryland.

Bayley was working a match with Asuka and Charlotte Flair, and things did not seem to go well for the leader of Damage CTRL.

At one point, Asuka and Bayley appear to be planning one spot, but things did not go as planned.

The former champion wound up on the mat, holding her knee.

It was abundantly clear right away that something was not right, as the referee gave the X sign to the back.

The match wrapped up, and left us with one big question.

Did Bayley Avoid A Major Injury
source: @loyal2bayley, twitter, screenshot

Did Bayley Avoid A Major Injury?

We may not like it, but the reality is she does have a prior knee injury. That does not make her more pre-disposed to suffering another, but it no doubt makes her hyper-aware of things.

Like…she knows how it feels to suffer a major injury to that part of the body.

It is unclear as to whether or not the Superstar has already been checked over or scanned to provide insight, but the SmackDown talent did post this note to fans.

Obviously, a big bag of ice on her knee sitting in the trainer’s room is not ideal…but nothing about her message screams “I know I just blew a knee out again”.

Of course, the tricky thing with some injuries is that you don’t even know how bad it might be until you get the imaging. Bryan Danielson knows this very well based on his own recent experience.

Did Bayley Avoid A Major Injury
source: @wrestlingwcc, twitter, screenshot

For now, we go on her word that she will be OK, and expect that by this week’s SmackDown, we might have further clarity.

A sprained knee might have her miss some time, but it would be significantly better news than another injury requiring surgery.