Should Bayley Ditch Faction, Rock’s Daughter Makes NXT Debut

should bayley ditch faction
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At least one WWE Hall of Famer is openly asking…should Bayley ditch her faction as soon as possible? And, we knew it was close, and now The Rock’s daughter makes her NXT debut.

Should Bayley Ditch Faction

With the group just a couple months old, how’s this for a question to ponder: should Bayley quickly ditch the faction she started?

No, that is not a misprint.

And no, this question is not coming from me. It isn’t even a question, so much as it was a statement made by Bully Ray on his Busted Open show.

In his opinion, Bayley should ditch the faction fast, as he feels things are not going well and her talents are being wasted.

Prior to her long time off due to a knee injury, Bayley was one of the top heel Superstars. With her return, WWE went right back to Bayley as a heel, but gave her a faction too.

As Bully Ray opines, Damage Control has little to no heat. While it’s not the same kind of comparison of sorts, look at the heat Judgement Day gets, and then what Damage Control gets.

If they aren’t getting massive heat, what’s the point of having a “dominant” heel faction, right?

So…what do you do?

should bayley ditch faction

source: @itsbayleywwe, twitter, screenshot

While I do not disagree with the suggestion to get Bayley out of the faction fast, I understand the notion of a lack of heat. 

Instead of blowing up the group…WWE needs to do something to get the group some heat.

And, honestly, I cannot help but think that some of the issue is that fans are waiting. 

As in…everyone has heard that WWE made up with Sasha Banks and Naomi. So every time we see a situation where Damage Control is dominating the numbers game…fans look up the ramp and wonder.

I think the answer is not to end the group prematurely (we already got an early and fast change when Edge left Judgement Day). Instead, there needs to be a strong trio for them to feud with.

Having Banks and Naomi return, just to get destroyed by Bayley, IYO and Dakota? That gets them, or should get them, a ton of heat.

And, it gives WWE the chance to bring someone new in to act as the third for Sasha and Naomi. Could that be Becky Lynch, or someone from NXT…or elsewhere? 

I do have faith 

Rock’s Daughter Makes NXT Debut

After hearing her first television time was imminent, The Rock’s daughter makes her NXT debut during the October 25th, 2022 show.

Ava Raine made a unique debut.

For a number of weeks, if you’ve paid attention, we’ve been seeing someone hand out smiley faces, or wearing a smiley faced mask.

It was clear this was all tied to Joe Gacy and the Dyad…but the reveal was still big.

The group had promised us a new member, but adding Ava Raine was definitely a surprise.

That said, I will say I like this move.

should bayley ditch faction

source: @btsportwwe, twitter, screenshot

For one, ask any trainer and they will tell you that it is far easier to start in the ring as a heel.

Having her start out as a new Superstar, working alongside three established talents is a wise move. 

While she has one of the most famous men on the planet as her dad, her impressive family tree does not ensure she will be the next big female Superstar.

However, this could be a good start for Ava Raine, and it will be worth watching.

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