Eric Bischoff Lost Buckets Of Blood, Asuka Release Claim

Eric Bischoff lost buckets of blood during a recent health scare and was airlifted to the hospital. And, Asuka slams reports she requested a WWE release.

Eric Bischoff Lost Buckets Of Blood
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Eric Bischoff lost buckets of blood during a recent health scare and was airlifted to the hospital. And, Asuka slams reports she requested a WWE release.

Eric Bischoff Lost Buckets Of Blood

Eric Bischoff has new lease on life after a health scare. From the sound of it, the former WCW President nearly lost his life.

In an interview with GV Wire, Bischoff described how he suffered internal bleeding and lost “buckets of blood.” The scary moment caused Bischoff to speak with his wife about life without him.

It all started by Bischoff concusmgmd too much Metamucil, which an over the counter product sold at many stores. Instead of taking the one to two tablespoons recommended, he had four to five tablespoons.

Eric Bischoff Lost Buckets Of Blood Because Of Over The Counter, Metamucil

On his “83 Weeks” podcast, Bischoff went into further details. 

“It was such a shock,” said Bischoff. “It’s not like I had this long-term illness.” 

“It just happened so fast and I didn’t have time to think about much. You know, I didn’t see my life before my eyes or anything like that.”

“I had to pull my wife aside and say, okay, look, if this doesn’t go the way we hope it’s going to go, here’s the information you’re going to need to know. Here are the people you’re going to need to contact.”

When Eric Bischoff lost buckets of blood, it would cause anyone to reevaluate their life.

Now, Bischoff is doing much better. He chalked up his belief in faith to helping him get through a scary moment in his life.

“Aside from having that conversation with my wife, you know, I have a lot of faith,” said Bischoff. “I’m a fairly spiritual person. I just wasn’t worried about it too much.”

After WCW went of business, the unthinkable happened. Bischoff appeared on WWE TV and was hugged by Vince McMahon.

For the next several years, Bischoff would serve as the General Manager of RAW. After that ended, he would eventually find himself in Impact Wrestling alongside Hulk Hogan.

He was supposed to make Impact Wrestling a real threat to WWE but the opposite happened. The company tried to go after WWE and it completely backfired.

By the time Bischoff departed Impact Wrestling, the damage was done. Impact Wrestling is still around, but they are far distance from WWE and seem content with their current spot.

He has made some appearances in WWE since then and even of AEW. Although, Bischoff has been critical of Tony Khan’s AEW and does not seem to be heading back there in the near future.

After Eric Bischoff lost buckets of blood we send him our best for a speedy recovery.

What are your thoughts on a huge medical scare where Eric Bischoff lost buckets of blood and needed to be airlifted to the hospital.

Asuka Release Claim

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Asuka joined the main roster with plenty of hype. She was a former NXT Women’s Champion and was never pinned once for the brand. 

She won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match right away, but suffered her first defeat at WrestleMania. Years later, and after not winning a single WrestleMania, people are wondering if WWE dropped the ball.

After some rumors out there of Asuka wanting out of WWE, she denied them on social media.

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Asuka slightly changed her gimmick at the start of the year. She would then earn a title shot against RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39.

Just like in the past, Asuka left without any gold. So far, she has not been drafted.

Although, she should find out either during RAW or right after what brand she is apart. Hopefully, the draft will allow Asuka to regroup and once again find herself in title contention.

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